Online Resources for Food Studies and STS

In recent years there has been an explosion of excellent historical and food-related material put online for researchers to draw upon. Here I’ll list those sites whose quality and value I can vouch for…

Quality History Websites:
Learning to Do Historical Research (educational website by William Cronon)
Not Even Past (blog-site by the UT Austin History Department)
New Books in Science, Technology, & Society

Professional Blogs on History, STS, Food and Whatnot
Nutrition Bibliography (My dormant wiki on history of food and nutrition lit)
Historically Corrected (New York Times Opinion Page)
O say can you see? (National Museum of American History Blog)
The Salt (NPR’s Food Blog)
Through the Looking Glass (An STS blog by Alice Bell)
Edo Ergo Sum (An STSer turned foodie blogs about it… kindred spirit?)
American Science: A Team Blog (Several excellent junior historians of science blog about it)
Advances in the History of Psychology Blog (hosted by York University)
Dan Cohen’s Digital Humanities Blog
• Nursing Clio (Team blog by historians of science correcting the record)
CASTAC (Official Blog for the Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing)
Savage Minds (Group blog by anthropologists reaching out)
The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (Artist-led think tank taking creative action on food)
The Maintainers (Stevens Institute of Tech project focusing attention on the people who maintain our modern technological world)
The American Table (Blog on American culinary history)
Food Tracks (Blog by a “food futurist” interested in food history and policy)
The Food Geographer (Food studies enthusiast blogging about food around the world)

Public Use Historical Materials:
• National Archives and Records Administration, Wikimedia Commons Page

Relevant Societies, Interest Groups, and other Interesting Fuddy-duddies:
EnviroTech (A SHOT interest group on environment and tech)


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